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Diet Recommendations for the Winter Season
We want to nourish and warm our body during the winter, and one way we can do this with our diet: the type of food we eat, the way in which it's prepared and the spices we use to flavor it. Here is an overview of the TCM recommended winter diet.
Acupuncture and Weight Loss
Long before there were low-fat diets, personal trainers, diet pills and weight loss surgeries, acupuncture has been used to support weight loss and muscle tone. Because acupuncture is far more safe than extreme dieting, prescription drugs or surgical procedures, it is an ideal choice for those who are trying to lose weight.
Treating Post Traumatic Stress with Acupuncture
Acupuncture has long been used to treat the various symptoms associated with PTSD. Acupuncture also helps with the regulation of brain chemistry regulation, the parasympathetic nervous system and neurotransmitter activity, all of which are related to our emotional and psychological well-being.
Successful Allergy Treatment with Acupuncture
In China, acupuncture and herbal medicines have been used for centuries to successfully treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis as well as other allergy-related conditions.
Diet Recommendations for the Summer Season
Summer is a time of expansion, growth and the abundance of energy. It is also a time when fluid depletion and excessive body heat can be an issue. Juicy, brightly colored fruits and vegetables are especially good food choices in the summer.
The Healing Practice of Qigong
Qigong is a practice that anyone can do on their own. It is an excellent technique for facilitating healing, preventing disease, increasing vitality and longevity, calming the mind and reducing stress.
Interesting Facts About Acupuncture
Twelve facts about Acupuncture, the purpose of which is to help people make informed choices about their health care needs.
Cupping Therapy for Disease and Pain Relief
Cupping is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy used to treat disease and pain caused by stagnation of the blood or Qi.
Western Medicine vs. Chinese Traditional Medicine
Despite the title of this article, these 2 healing modalities do not compete in my practice. They can be complementary and co-emergent solutions for the total management of your health.
Diet Recommendations for the Fall Season
The autumn season has an abundant yet contracting nature. Ideally, we want the autumn diet to reduce any accumulation of energy from the summer and to prepare the body gently for the colder, harsher season of winter.
Tuina Chinese Massage
Like acupuncture and acupressure, Tuina is a series of pressing tapping and kneading with fingertips or implements that remove blockages along the meridians of the body, stimulating the flow of Qi.

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